Activities - Hotel Katajanokka

House tour

The tour tells about the history of the former prison called Skatta: stories about the building, former prisoners and even about some escapes. Visit in a group cell and an isolation cell.

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  • Duration:  30 min.
  • Group size: 10-100 pers., even bigger groups if agreed
  • Price:  5 €/pers incl. guidance, vat
  • Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Escape 1

The Escape starts. By using your imagination and following the clues, you have to try to escape from the prison. Who can break free and whom will the guards stop? A tough fight for free life is about to begin.

During the Escape event your one and only goal is to escape the prison walls. In teams you will try to solve tricky riddles and complete tasks that need skills, strength and creativity. Be careful that you don’t bump into the prison guard! He will do all he can to prevent your escape and make sure that your team loses precious time. The winning team is the one that completes all tasks with the best team spirit. All participants of the event will be dressed in prisoners suits. The Prison Break can be arranged for example right after your conference or meeting. After the fun activity the evening can continue with an evening dinner at the Linnankellari restaurant.

This activity is organized by event marketing agency Eventgarden.

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  • Duration: 2 h
  • Group size: 10 – 80
  • Price: Minimum 10 pax: 152,00 € / pax + vat 24 %
  • Languages: Finnish, English
  • Extra persons 11 – 30: 85,00 € / pax + vat 24 %
  • Extra persons 31 – 80: 65,00 € / pax + vat 24 %
  • Example: 50 pax = 90,40 € / pax + vat 24 %


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