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“Kirkko” is Finnish for Church, and also the name of our beautiful assembly hall. Restored into a 170-year-old chapel, the room features the orginal church altar, altar paintings and a fully functional vintage organ. It’s obviously not a surprise that Kirkko is a popular venue for wedding ceremonies. The over 6 meter tall ceilings and a floor area of approximately 120 m2, the chapel is truly an atmospheric, very intimate and also a versatile space for a variety of functions.

Seating arrangements

  • theatre shape: 130 people
  • classroom shape: 90 people
  • U-shape: 40 people
  • boardroom: 80 people
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  • two long tables: 80 people
  • nine round tables: 72 people (8 persons/table)
  • cocktail party: 120 people
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“Kakku” is an octagonal cabinet with red brick walls and a large window. The floor area is little over 30 m2. The name “Kakku” is Finnish prison slang for “Sentence”.

Seating arrangements

  • theatre shape: 34 people
  • classroom shape: 18 people
  • U-shape: 18 people
  • boardroom shape: 20 people
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  • one diplomatic table: 20 people
  • two diplomatic tables: 24 people
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“Sakko” is a bright, rectangular cabinet with high vaulted ceilings and walls made out of old red bricks. The floor area is approximately 25 m2. The capacity is 20 persons in one diplomatic table. No other seating arrangements are possible in this room. “Sakko” means a “Fine” in Finnish.


“Tutkinta” is a cabinet with vaulted ceilings and red brick walls, but only one window. This room has a floor space of 18 m2. The capacity is 10 persons in one diplomatic table. No other seating arrangement is possible in this room. “Tutkinta” is Finnish for “Investigation”.


“Tuomio” is a cabinet with red brick walls and two windows. The floor area of this Think Tank is approximately 17 m². The capacity is 8 persons. The Finnish name “Tuomio” is more formal translation of “Sentence” as cabinet “Kakku” mentioned above.


“Sanktio” is a cabinet with red brick walls and two windows. The floor area of this room is approximately 19 m². The capacity is 12 persons. The Finnish name “Sanktio” means “Sanction”.

Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar, “Viinikellari” in Finnish, has a vaulted red brick ceiling and stone walls. This cellar cabinet is rich in atmosphere, and has a floor space of approximatelty 18 m2. The big diplomatic table seats 8-10 persons. Events in the Wine Cellar can be combined with sauna sessions!


The sauna is a rejuvenating must for fans of laid-back lifestyle, and it goes together with Finnishness like salt goes with pepper. Hotel guests can enjoy our sauna for free on weekend mornings. Naturally, you can book the sauna and the adjoining Wine Cellar cabinet for your private use at any other time.


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