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Sustainability in all its different categories matters to us. In the management of our business we aim to pay equal attention to all of the different subcategories of sustainability in order for the business to be as comprehensive as possible. The business develops and maintains sustainability on environmental- , social- and economical levels. All of these combined together make a solid base for the sustainability. 


Environmental sustainability 

Hotel Katajanokka is a Green key – certified destination. Green key is a nationally known environmental certificate program which is granted to accommodation businesses which meet the certain environmental criteria. Green Key – certified accommodation business such as a hotel is committed to reducing the usage of water and electricity. In addition to this the business must manage the waste disposal and enhance the usage of environmentally friendly products and utilities. Being certified demonstrates that the hotel is environmentally friendly and encourages the customers to choose more sustainable options when travelling. Green Key – certification is an acknowledgement of the high quality and sustainability within the business. It demonstrates that the business had done unmarkable job in order to improve in terms of sustainability and environmental sustainability. Therefore the business is ready to correspond to the growing expectations of the customers and the partners in the hospitality industry. 


Social responsibility 

Hotel Katajanokka is a Travel Proud – certified destination. Travel Proud is a program run by which the business takes part in in order to show their support and commitment for the HLBTIQ+ -travelers. When a business has been certified with Travel Proud it shows the commitment in welcoming everyone to the premises as they are. This means that you can travel to Hotel Katajanokka without having to worry about being discriminated no matter of your gender, identification or sexual orientation. As travel Proud – certified the whole team of Hotel Katajanokka minimizes the amount of discrimination and allows everyone to get an evenhanded and comprehensive service. 


At Hotel Katajanokka we are also members of We Speak Gay. As members we commit to enhance the inclusivity of the HLBTIQ+ -community within the customer segment as well as within the staff members. As a part of the We Speak Gay – community we work towards evenhanded service and against the discrimination of the HLBTIQ+ -individuals in all different aspects. By doing so we show respect and value towards our customers as well as staff members. 


Economical sustainability 

At Hotel Katajanokka we do our best to maintain and further the economical sustainability within our business management in terms of environment and economy. We monitor the usage of water, electricity and waste management regularly. Additionally, we try to reduce the amount of usage in terms of these factors. With our regular maintenance and quality inspections our aim is to keep the building strong, clean and safe from every viewpoint. This is how we create and maintain a safe environment for both the employees as well as our customers. With a continuous long-haul improvement of our operating models we aim to maintain and develop the sustainability and responsibility in all of the different aspects. 


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